Swiitch Beauty Haul

Quality products that don’t break the bank.

I’ve been following Swiitch Beauty on social media for a while and decided it was time to test out some of their cosmetics.

I recently became a #SwiitchBeautyBabe after I purchased a few products from the massive Swiitch Beauty birthday sale.

What I bought:
  • #MatteBounce – no-colour, mattifying, pore-blurring makeup powder
  • #LiquidLuck – pitch black eyeliner pen with a brush tip
  • #PrimerPutty – like a real life filter, for your face
A soft cat-eye look I created using the above-mentioned Swiitch Beauty products

#MatteBounce: I’ve been wanting to hop on the translucent powder bandwagon for the longest time and I’m so glad I finally did. This translucent powder truly does wonders by mattifying your face without making it look dull or too washed out. I used this powder around the sides of my nose and under my eyes, straight after concealer – I didn’t bake with this powder because I have dry skin but I would recommend this powder for baking to anyone with oily to combination skin.

#LiquidLuck: Liquid eyeliner has always been one of my favourites, because of the way it effortlessly accentuates the eyes. In the past, I’ve tried using pen liquid eyeliners as well as potted liquid eyeliners and found that the potted eyeliner is a lot more pigmented than the pen, but it requires a ridiculously steady hand (which I don’t have) – so I stuck to the pen liquid eyeliners. I found that most pen liquid eyeliners that I’ve used tend to dry out and lose their pigment after a few uses and the felt tip also tends to flatten out and lose its sharpness. The #LiquidLuck eyeliner pen on the other hand, has proven that it is one of the best liquid eyeliners out there. It has consistent pitch-black pigment and a long-lasting sharp applicator tip which is made up of tiny brush fibres, inspired by Japanese calligraphy brushes.

#PrimerPutty: This putty did exactly what the description said it does; it smooths out your skin so that your makeup can be seamlessly applied, giving the illusion of a real-life filter. The putty itself is transparent but requires a few applications to achieve a poreless look. I applied the putty under my eyes and in my smile lines.

Overall I think these products were great quality for the price and they did exactly what they were described to do. Next on my Swiitch Beauty wishlist is the #SlaysForDaysPalette.

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